Tis the meaning of life

Tis the meaning of life

Chapter 2. Give me some tips on the content, where you’d like to see it go as well as grammar and punctuation. Please and thank you. Enjoy

The next hours dragged like nothing I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t wait to continue interacting with her. My previous nap had caused a small amount of insomnia to kick in. The clock struck 2 when I finally laid my head down. I woke up with excitement when my alarm clock shrilled. Usually I curse it, but this morning was different. I jumped into the shower with a different pep in my step. As I walked up to the bus stop, I tried to control my excitement. I was smoking like a chimney. I hurried onto the bus, looking for her. It then hit me that her bus stop was after mine, so she wasn’t on the bus yet. As the bus halted for stops, I was panting like a dog. Finally she got on. She stumbled on like a zombie. She took a few steps down and scanned the seats. I was looking down as to not let her notice I was awaiting her arrival. She sat down with a plop. I looked over to her she looked back at me with tired eyes. I gave a quiet hello and she grumbled. The next thing that happened I was not expecting. She moved closer and nestled her head on my shoulder. I gasped with shock.

“Your heart is beating rather quickly. I didn’t surprise you, did I?” she said with a smirk. I could feel her grin as it pierced into my abdomen. She was testing me. I took a few deep breaths. I could feel my heart slowing down. My hands shook and clammed up as I ran the choices of where to put my hands in my head. Finally I just started stroking her hair behind her ear. She let out a purr and nestled a bit closer. I hit that spot. She literally fell asleep on my chest, something a girl had never done with me before. We pulled up to the school and I moved slightly. She let out a moan and grumbled

“I really fucking hate this place sometimes. It reminds me of a prison and the only reason I’m forced to come here is because of my stupid father.” She sighs “Well, I guess I’ll see you on the way home.” She stands up, yawning like a lion and continues down the walkway. I get up quickly and follow after her. I get off the bus behind her. I reach to grab her hand and turn her around, but I reached too slowly and ended up tripping and face planting into the concrete. She turns around with confusion. I try to recover quickly, but I can’t shake the pain, or the blood. I wave weakly to her. She returns behind me and kind of pushes me forward.

“What the hell were you doing? Oh shit you’re bleeding from your forehead. We need to get you to the nurse.” She says as we hurry to the front office. I didn’t think the bleeding was that bad. That was until I got to a mirror and saw a rather large waterfall of red flowing from my hairline. Now I don’t get queasy from blood, but for some reason I fainted right there. I woke up in the back of an ambulance. She was sitting right there gripping my hand. I could hear faint voices in the background talking about loss of blood and calling my parents. I felt a pair of hands go into my pockets.

“I can reach for my phone myself, but thank you for the intimate touch” I let out softly

“Holy fuck you’re okay!” I hear her scream out.

I look over at her and see her face. It looked red and a bit puffy. She had been crying.

“Have you been crying?” I ask

She nods. I feel my head. It’s wrapped in gauze. I wince when I realize the extent of the damage. I go to say something to her, not realizing the ambulance had stopped. They cut me off midsentence and put an oxygen mask on me. I get wheeled out and immediately into a room. I pull my phone out after they pull the mask off. A nurse walks in and goes to grab my phone. I snatch it back.

“I need to speak with my parents.” I say trying not to sound angry.

“We have notified them you are here. But you are going in for a MRI and you can’t bring your phone with you. So give it here!” She snatches it out of my hand. I have no time to react. They are already rushing me off to the examination room. I slip in and out of consciousness as they perform more tests. I wake up and look around. My parents and Jessie are eating pizza and chatting.

“Hey sweetie. How ya feeling?” My mom says softly.

“Good. What’s the damage?” I say back with sarcasm.

Everyone in the room lets out a sigh of relief. Six staples in the front, eight in the back. Apparently when I fell the first time I caught the edge of the concrete right at my hairline. When I fell in the office, I hit a raise in the carpet for a separation. Fuck. I asked how long I was out for.

“A few hours. They gave you some drugs to help ease the pain. You’re going to have to take it easy for the next few months. You took quite a fall.” My dad says with a sigh.

I blur out the sigh. The only thing I’m looking at is her. She is wearing my hoodie. I look at both my parents.

“Hey guys, can you give me a moment alone with Jessie? I need to talk to her about something.” I ask, hiding my excitement.

They look at each other and give a slight smile. They walk out. She looks at me with those tired eyes I remember from the morning. I motion her to come over. She moves to the side of the bed and sits down softly. I don’t know where to start.

“Thank you for saving my life. I don’t know how to-“

She cuts me off. She leans in and kisses me. Not too hard but with a certain amount of passion behind it. I kiss back, lifting up to continue but she pulls away.

“Not so fast devil. You haven’t deserved the rest.”

Mar 2

Trying to change my style up a bit. Same content, as I can’t get away from teenage angst, but I’m trying to be more open.

“Go ahead, keep running. That’s what bitches always do.”

I walk through a heavily snowed area while thinking of all the bad things said. I pull my phone out. 12:34 AM. Might as well get back.

I slowly creep in to my house. Two stories tall, 4 bed 3 bath and a 2 car garage! I remember my mom just slobbering over the house. She almost lost her mind when she saw the price. $600K. Ridiculous if you ask me. But whatever. One of the benefits of living in such a large home means I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up. I slide in and make a quick path towards my room. I slide my jacket off and change in to some proper sleeping clothes. My mind wanders as I look at the varying pieces of paper that riddle my computer desk. For a second I forgot why I had taken that walk. But then it all came back quickly. Words came soaring through my ears right in to my brain. Screaming, cursing, all that good stuff.

When I was 12 my father had taken a job at the local power plant. Good pay, good hours. More time to spend with the family. But after working for a little over 2 years, he started to notice that he didn’t like where he was. Sure the bills got paid every month and Christmas was good. But he felt like he could be doing more. So the day after I turned 15, he announced he is going to run for Governor. My mother was surprised. I really cared less. I knew what it meant though. It meant moving, finding new friends. The capital of our state was more than 180 miles away. Sure, I’d be getting my license soon and I could drive to and from (if my parents hadn’t known.) So fast forward 6 months, my father had won the political race and became the Governor. We moved up and started our “new life.” By no means am I a socially awkward person or cynical, but I couldn’t help but hold a small grudge against my father. I had a great relationship going with a girl I had invested a lot of time in as well as the multiple friends I had made. But no use in continuing anger. I’ve always tried to be level-headed, but don’t think that for a second I was semi-upset about having to do all this. But anyways, the high school around here was rather upscale. It was still a public high school but it definitely had more of a “snootiness” to it. Most of the upperclassmen drove really expensive cars. There was one bus for the entire school, mostly because a lot of the kids were being driven by their respective chauffeur. Unfortunately I wasn’t so fortunate. So I started taking the bus. The first couple of days I held an invisible X to everyone getting on the bus with wet hair and my headphones blaring. 5:30 AM, shitty coffee, and no cigarette meant this was not the time to fuck with me. After adjusting to a new routine I became a bit friendlier. I still didn’t talk to many people, but I definitely wasn’t trying to be a social idiot anymore. Well one day a girl sat down next to me. It caught me off guard a little bit. There were probably 15-20 kids on the bus at any given time and multiple single seats open. So why did she sit next to me? She looked at me and in the darkness I could see she was giving me a good viewing. Taking in all my social cues as well as examining me. I gave her a simple nod and continued looking out the window. I could still feel her eyes peering in to my back. Then I felt something I hadn’t felt in a while; acceptance. She moved into a normal spot looking forward. Our bus creeped into the school. She took one last look at me and got up to get off. I was flabbergasted. I had no idea what the hell happened, but damn I was hooked. I got up and tried to find her. But then I remembered I had no idea what her hair color or anything of that sort. I was bummed out as I walked to 1st period. I walk in and resume my normal routine. Note taking and avoiding social interaction with the “snooty bitches.”  I had a kid tap me on the shoulder. I looked back and saw something I was not expecting. He was a little over 5’3, with short brown hair and a smooth complexion. But something about him screamed awkward. I gave a knowing glance.

“What’s up?” I ask

“I see you have a stitch on your bag. Dead Kennedys. Like the throwback. You ever listen to Rancid or Choking Victim?” He asks excitedly

Shit. Trying to avoid this could make me look like an absolute douche. This kid reached out to me. And I am clearly new to this school.

“Eh.” Is all I could muster. I could see the upset that that statement gave him. He sat back and didn’t say anything else. Our teacher stood at the front of the class. His mouth was moving but I couldn’t focus. My mind was in a haze. Two extremely weird things have already happened today and it isn’t even 8 AM yet. The rest of the day played out like it usually did. Eating lunch by myself while surfing the web. I got on to the bus with the full intention of looking for the mystery girl. I glanced as people got on to the bus. I remember she was wearing a hemp bracelet so that was the only thing I had to run on. Unfortunately most people’s hands were preoccupied doing other things so it was hard to find it. After it seemed like everyone had gotten on the bus one last person walked on. I heard her say something to the bus driver and I looked up. She was gorgeous. She couldn’t have been taller than 5’4 and she had long brown hair and hazel eyes that looked like diamonds. I was mesmerized. She walked down the aisle and stopped at my seat. I was in shock. I couldn’t look at her hands. Her face had too much going on. It was about a minute before I realized she was asking me something.

“Hey. Hey. Hey.” She waved her hand in front of my face. I snapped back and winced a little. “Do you mind if I sit with you?” She asked.

I nodded my head and slid over. She sat down with grace. She was wearing a pair of jeans that were torn at the bottom. Definitely not intentional. She had a band t shirt on. She had a small stomach and a medium sized chest. I had to keep myself from staring. She put a headphone in her ear and started singing to herself. She pulled a book out and began picking up where she left off. My ears rang. I was almost frozen. Trying to keep my glances from being noticed. I took a few deep breaths, started running and leapt of a cliff. I tapped her.

“My name is Rob. What’s yours?” I say with an unusual amount of confidence.


Where to go from here?

“So I see you’re wearing an August Burns Red shirt. What’s your favorite song by them?” What the fuck is going on with me right now.

She giggles. I think of this as a good thing. We continue talking. I keep her laughing and she keeps me melting inside. This girl is awesome. My stop was before hers and as it neared, I knew I had to make my move.

“So my stop is coming up. This conversation has been fun. Maybe we could continue over texting/phone?” I say with uncertainty.

“Well sir, I would be glad to give you my number, but I don’t think you deserve it right now. You’re going to have to earn it.” She says with a sly smile. The bus comes to a halt and the bus driver is eying me. I said a quick goodbye and sped toward the front. The bus driver stopped me for a second. I just wanted to run, but I had to get that stupid bus card bullshit. He handed it to me as I ran down the steps. I walked slowly across the street as to not show my excitement. I walked up the stairs into our new house and didn’t stop until I got into my room. I slam the door and throw my bag on my bed. I lay down and let my mind wander. I was in heaven. I wanted to scream I was so happy. I hit the button on the remote for my stereo and allowed the music to carry me. It wasn’t until 7 that I had realized that I had fallen asleep. My mom comes and knocks on my door.


“Coming!” I reply with a slice of glee. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

When does the bullshit end and the truth begin? Why the fuck do people continue to lie to my face? Its probably quite the most annoying thing possible. I’m not fucking stupid and I’m tired of being treated as such. Just stop. Its starting to get insulting. If you’ve got a problem say it to my fucking face. Fucking bring it. I’m ready


Ladies and gentlemen, my girlfriend.

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Oct 4
Oct 4

Sleeping with an Amish chick. Now on my bucket list. Anybody wanna help me with this goal? Anybody know an Amish chick?